Live fire exercises allow the officer to use his or her own weapon systems while moving though out the shoothouse. Each officer has to go into rooms making split second decisions whether to shoot or not shoot. The live fire shoothouse helps develop the skills in building the necessary teamwork and tactics among patrol officers that are crucial for success during life threatening situations.


The tactical training center allows training for your officers in the following areas: Individual tactics, two, three and four officer tactics, decision making, individual and small group movement techniques, integrating SWAT officers with patrol officers and more.


The tactical training center allows your department to conduct live fire exercises in a facility which simulates the real work tactical environment. Live fire training will "hone" the individual's tactical skills as well as firearms skills.

Scenarios are conducted in the training center's indoor seven room live fire shoothouse. The officer may shoot 360 degrees in the "ballistically safe" shoothouse while moving from room to room. The use of flash bangs, marking rounds and paint balls are encouraged when doing dynamic force and force training.